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HOW Well Does a Mixxor Work?

The pumping action of the Mixxor's piston
mixes the two phases much better than the 
laborious shaking motion used with a
separatory funnel.  Experimental results show
that six easy strokes of the Mixxor piston 
gives you higher recoveries and more 
reproducible extractions than 40 shakes with 
a separatory funnel.

Use Mixxors for:

Organic phases lighter than water
Organic phases heavier than water
Multiple extractions using accessory reservoirs 
Removing hindering interfaces
Preparing Phenol and Chloroform reagents
DNA or RNA purifications with Phenol	
Lipid extractions 
Flavor and fragrance analysis
Organic acid extractions
Environmental sample analysis
Radioactive sample extractions

                        ORDERING INFORMATION

              DESCRIPTION	              CATALOGUE NUMBER


One Complete  2 ml Mixxor with Support Stand    MXLK00002
One Complete  5 ml Mixxor with Support Stand    MXLK00005
One Complete 10 ml Mixxor with Support Stand    MXLK00010
One Complete 20 ml Mixxor with Support Stand    MXLK00020
One Complete 50 ml Mixxor with Support Stand    MXLK00050



One  2 ml Mixxor Piston                         MXLP00002
One  5 ml Mixxor Piston                         MXLP00005
One 10 ml Mixxor Piston                         MXLP00010
One 20 ml Mixxor Piston                         MXLP00020
One 50 ml Mixxor Piston                         MXLP00050

One  2 ml Mixxor Reservoir                      MXLR00002
One  5 ml Mixxor Reservoir                      MXLR00005
One 10 ml Mixxor Reservoir                      MXLR00010
One 20 ml Mixxor Reservoir                      MXLR00020
One 50 ml Mixxor Reservoir                      MXLR00050

One  2 ml Mixxor Cap                            MXLC00002
One  5 ml Mixxor Cap                            MXLC00005
One 10 ml Mixxor Cap                            MXLC00010
One 20 ml Mixxor Cap                            MXLC00020 
One 50 ml Mixxor Cap                            MXLC00050

One  2 ml Mixxor Spacer                         MXLS00002
One  5 ml Mixxor Spacer                         MXLS00005
One 10 ml Mixxor Spacer                         MXLS00010
One 20 ml Mixxor Spacer                         MXLS00020
One 50 mi Mixxor Spacer                         MXLS00050

One  2 ml Mixxor Support Stand                  MXLD00002
One  5 ml Mixxor Support Stand                  MXLD00005
One 10 ml Mixxor Support Stand                  MXLD00010
One 20 ml Mixxor Support Stand                  MXLD00020
One 50 ml Mixxor Support Stand                  MXLD00050

  For additional information on the MIXXOR system,contact:

             N.B.S. - New Biology Systems Ltd.	
                     4 Harofe Street 
                     Haifa 34366, Israel
	 Tel:+972-4-824 5259      Fax:+972-4-825 3542

Solvent Extraction Efficiency of the Mixxor % RECOVERY STEROID MIXXOR SEPARATORY FUNNEL Estradiol 87.6 83.5 Estradiol 84.3 82.7 Estradiol 96.2 83.1 Testosterone 97.2 99.7 Testosterone 99.6 91.6 Testosterone 95.5 87.9 Peleg I., Vromen, S: An Efficient Novel Device For Solvent Extraction, Chemistry & Industry, August 1983. Reproducibility of Solvent Extraction with the Mixxor STEROID %RECOVERY MEAN STD.DEV Estradiol 83.5 3.4 Estradiol 94.2 3.5 Testosterone 94.2 3.3 Testosterone 96.2 2.6


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