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NBS New Biology Systems Ltd.
4, Harofe Street
Tel:+972-4-8293723; Fax:+972-4-8253542
Haifa, Israel 34366


N. B. S.-New Biology Systems Ltd., a science-based company, was organized in November 1988 to engage in research, development, production, marketing and selling biological, diagnostic and related products and equipment for the laboratory, health care and biotechnology industries.

The Company is currently focussing on the novel liquid-liquid separation device system, the MIXXOR, based on discoveries and inventions originating in the laboratory of Professor Michael Cais at the Department of Chemistry, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

This novel system for liquid-liquid separation, the MIXXOR Separatory Cylinder provides a new, simple and convenient apparatus for solvent extraction operations to replace the ubiquitous separation funnel.